Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Where the idea began

It all started when I decided that I would see if my daughter wanted to upgrade her Little People dollhouse to a larger version. The "Dollhouse" was used with her as an end reward to her fully potty training. This was back in 2006. It was brilliant idea however it didn't come about until nearly a year later. Had I known the amount of work and detail involved in the time frame I set for myself (an insane 4 month window) I would have thrown in the towel and decided to do it at a later date. I decided for Christmas 2007 she would be surprised at what "Santa" had brought. THIS Santa was in over her head!

I searched high and low on every website out there (as mentioned in the blog entry below) as well as in several stores. I didn't see anything that caught my eye or my budget. This was to be a fully functioning dollhouse and would be played with by a 4 year old. I have a house full of fancy things with the invisible label of "DO NOT TOUCH" attached. I would not make this be one of the dust collectors and allow my daughter to freely express herself in my little masterpiece. One day after an internet search for a local shop I walked in and was taken by this beautiful house they had already made. It was a design imported form England I was told. Not sure if that was correct or not (the actually being imported part, could have been the design style of the house itself, who cares ha!) but I went back home and looked into the style. I found numerous houses all the same style and with the same amazing detail. Most WERE imported from England and VERY Expensive. I was sticker shocked. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into or the world I was stepping into. Magical as it is the marvelous world of miniatures seems to be a black hole with no end. With the internet at my fingertips and two amazing local stores and an expert locally I was set.

The dollhouse is quite large. Most dollhouses are made of flimsy particle board. This one is of both solid and MDF pressed board making it VERY durable and it will last a very long time. I decided to create an heirloom that would be played with by all my children and I could be proud to display in my house when it's playdates came to an end. Here it is as I had first seen it in the store:

The fence outside is made of metal custom to fit the house. It looks like a large "Row House" in London and is quite charming with the moulding that give the period details to make it authentic. Being an Interior Designer I like detail and things to be refined. This house is so handsome and well made. Even the interior had arched doorways that gave the way for detail to be extended indoors. The house sits right below my waist level and is quite large and VERY heavy! It is a any hobbyists dream for a fresh slate waiting for the creativity to begin. I was so excited!


Marie Arden said...

Love it I hope she keeps it forever and passes it down to her child. Do you read the blog Une Petite Folie it is about dollhouse in French style and Paris I think you would like it.
Marie Arden Pink

Anonymous said...

lovely, lovely, lovely...sigh...
xoxo Eden