Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Flower Lady

I purchased several more items for the Dollhouse. By this time I had paid for the dollhouse yet paid for it to have windows added to the rear of the rooms so it was not at my house to actually start on yet. The thought of the whole project also had not overwhelmed me yet. I think this gave me a magical outlook on the tiny projects I came up with and let me creativity flow a little easier.

At one of my favorite stores MRS Hobby, I struck up a friendship with Linda one of the owners. She is such a warm hearted person and was so educated in all fields of Hobbys I was impressed! She took joy in this magical world I could tell and I just knew I could trust and count on her for anything I needed. I just hoped I didn't burden her with all my questions and requests.

In one of her cases she pointed out to me little flower boxes. I decided to purchase 5 of them for the outside windows and glue in flowers. My daughter picked out the flowers at the wholesaler. When she asked what it was for I told her that if she was good Santa would bring her a dollhouse, BUT Mommy would help with littlle projects for Santa to put together because he was so busy. She seemed to understand and helped me with this and a few other projects. I could tell she was getting both excited and enjoying the frequent visits to both MRS Hobby and a few other places along the projects journey.

Here is a finished flower box in the cream with periwinkle flowers glued in. It is a webcam shot so not the clearest but you get the idea!: