Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Living Room

OK the time is here and all is finished! These pictures are of the dollhouse this Christmas Eve. My husband and I are so excited to see our daughter view it for the first time. It is too dark to show the colors I picked out and painted on the front of the house so more will be posted shortly from Christmas morning.

Here is the Living Room. I used tapestry fabric for the flooring, which was easier to work with than all the other flooring believe it or not. Moiré fabric for the ceiling with the lace paper to embellish it. I purchased this amazing wallpaper that resembles French painted walls of a palace and glued gold mini-ribbon around it, cut it out and pasted it on top of the other beautiful Deep Mauve embossed wallpaper. I bought brick print wallpaper and cut it to fit in the little stone mantle to look like the inside of a fireplace. I purchased this little glowing embers in a grate that really works! Glued them all to the wall and floor and they are pretty sturdy. Instead of wood moulding, which I did have access to as well as know how to use it, I used amazing trim from a fabric store. The one in this room has sequins to give it a kick. I found a piano which my daughter begged for on a trip to one of the hobby stores as well as a clock. The picture frame is from Michael's and I gold leafed it and placed a picture of a real painting in it yet done to scale. I sewed a little pillow and will finish the curtains at a later date. There was so much on my plate I actually didn't get to ANY of the curtains in the rooms, on the ones on the front door of the house. The chandelier is of the highest quality brass in miniature lighting and I added real french cut sswarovski crystals for the bling. The accessories in the room are all miniature to scale and I wanted this room to have a French feel to it. Actually a lot of the house has the French feel as I tend to be drawn to that style and there is a lot of Victorian based items readily available that blend in. I have French heritage so maybe it is in the genes or water as they say HA!

Many of the furniture is either new or antiques. I purchased a lot of the items through online auctions and dealers but also found a wonderful woman here who had a shop in her home. I credit her with getting me taught how to do the electrics and we hit it off. Her name is Kathi and her store is online and run out of the basement of her home. She is SOOO talented in miniatures! What would I ever have done without her as well as Linda from MRS Hobby. I hope they both know how making this helped me to also live a little in my childhood and they both made it so fun and enjoyable! Thank you so much Ladies!!!

I ended up with too much furniture for this room so either I will sell it or make another house at a later date. While some of the furniture may look fussy it is very sturdy and meant to be played with. I am so excited for my daughter to enjoy! I hope you love the pictures: