Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Look what I can do....

Before I purchased the dollhouse I purchased a few items of furniture. I think part of the reason to purchase it prior to getting the house was to get myself both psyched up to do it as well as get so many items for the rooms I could not back out. HA, I am laughing now because the first little item of furniture I made sure I threw away the reciept. Oh well, we all need our motivation somehow! My first item was a beautiful little Victorian couch. It is the style I find is easiest to locate and purchase on the market. Looks frail but is really well made and very sturdy.

The second item I purchase looked like this before I gave it a makeover:

It was very inexpensive and the fabric was very cheap!! I figured if I screwed it up then it was not much of a loss and I could purchase another if needed. This is where the "good bones" term Interior Designers used would come into play as well as the finished item. the Fabric is the same as on the Master Bedroom Bed my Dad and I are going to build together. I hope you enjoy. It was tedious to do but rewarding. I think Miniature craftsman/designers don't get paid enough! Took me almost 2 hours to do!