Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The color Blue?

I have one dilemma, I had not even thought of the color to paint the house I had been so focused on the interior. My daughters favorite color has been light blue for a long time. It matches nothing in her bedroom (where I would like the dollhouse to finally reside.! I was even thinking on hand painting the outside, either before or after Christmas to give it that authentic Row House look or even paint it a brick color and draw in the veins to give it more detail, but she wants it blue and that is all she talks about. I have the bedroom and dining room in blues as well as some accents throughout and I had hoped that would be enough. I just think it will look a bit out of place in blue...CAN YOU TELL I DISLIKE THE COLOR BLUE? Haha! I was even planning on replicating the blue and chocolate guest room in my own home to satisfy her craving.

So today's purchase was a clever one, not that I'm bragging ha! I found this amazing lace paper. You know the paper doilies popular at Valentines, well it is the same just in the gold and VERY detailed. I thought since I am wallpapering some of the rooms, and putting fabric on them, I could use this as ceiling pediments and ornamentation as well as to highlight the moulding etc...should be fun. I actually bought out the store of their stock. Well the Lady DID say they may not restock it so I took advantage and stocked up myself. She did give me a strange look for purchasing it all. I guess I would too if the purchase consisted of roughly 12 of each pattern of fancy cut doilies. Those strange dollhouse designers (wink!)
I have also still not found a bed I like for the master bedroom so my Dad has agreed to help me put one together. He has woodworking connections so this will be a fun project with some great wood to work with. I do have so much on my plate however that I will have to finish the bed after Christmas. I am hoping for a new Sewing Machine (as that is what I asked Santa for) to be able to finish the bedding and curtains. My old one broke and it is not worth the repair. I am borrowing a friends right now. I think that will take the pressure off me for one of the major projects. Since I am in a crunch to get this completed before Christmas I would be able to enjoy a project with my daughter as well as take my time. Anyone know where I can purchase more time? :)