Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Santas Workshop

So I got my husband all geared up for this huge electrical project to start to add the lighting to the dollhouse. Turns out it was cake. Seriously my child could have figured it out! The only thing that was hard was getting the eyelets into the walls to make a positive/negative connection with the tape. I broke two tools and a nail file...ha!, could have been worse I am sure. The walls of this dollhouse are pretty thick compared to some. My fingers are pretty raw. I am an artist, NOT an electrician or a carpenter...I paint and sew and can glue and an occasion jig and song, I usually leave the technical stuff to the men. I mean they have to earn their keep too you know hehe.

I bought several little lights and have been toying with them to make sure they all work. In the photo you see the room that will be the kitchen. There is a light above and a little light on the table as well as the fire embers are lit. So look at me go. Santas workshop has been VERY busy! I also have found with my back not being 100% yet I can paint. I took the cream colored kitchen set and painted it black as well as painted one set of stairs and almost the whole outside of the front of the dollhouse. My progress below. Since my injury (my back again) I really have lost almost a whole week. I see several late nights ahead, ugg! Still looking for dolls that I like. Found the most horrid set where the Dad looks like he took a teen bride, he actually has wrinkles, deep ones, on his forehead. Linda from MRS Hobby and I had a good laugh over it! I did find this little plastic set with hair. They are by Mattel and called The Loving Family. Pretty popular, just like Barbie but smaller of course. They do have their own house and now seeing it I should have done that but I decided to purchase a set of dolls and while I search for some pretty porcelain ones my daughter can play with those. I will have to take a pic, they really are kid friendly and adorable. Perhaps the more fragile dolls when she gets older. Oh this is getting so exciting. I have the whole "workshop" set up in my guest bedroom. The door has a lock and my daughter has not caught on quite yet. She actually asked my husband if she could look for dollhouses on eBay HA! We passed by the eBay building here in town and she asked if Santa kept the dollhouses inside. I had to be clever to think how to answer her about the internet. Ah to be so innocent! She really is adorable with all this dollhouse business. She has afterall been asking for one for over a year now. I almost forgot to mention that the pic of the front of the house is the beginning of the paint job, I just had to share.