Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My frist Dollhouse Experience

My dear friend Linda from AZ and I took a trip one time with my other friend Tracy (from here) to Santa Monica. I think this was the start of my Birthday trips I annually take with friends. I have so so many friends who live out of state and the country I think I started the tradition to get those who could not make my birthday parties here to have a fun place to meet up. I have made many other friends along the way and will continue this fun adventure forever I imagine. On this such trip Linda had a very long wait until her plane home. She told me about this Miniature Dollhouse Museum she had been to many years before she wanted to treat me to while we had a few hours to kill. I was not too keen on the idea and thought it a little musky inside as of course a lot of the items and houses were very old but there was such a unique charm to many and quite impressive details. I could have stayed in there for days and never seen it all. Once such house I saw was detailed right to the likeness of Versailles. WOW it was amazing! Even the dolls were fashioned to match their opulant residence. The bedroom of Marie Antoinette was exact. It was amazing...have a look for yourself:

So what I wanted to do this Christmas is plan a dollhouse for my little girl. I wanted to make a large one that even has electricity for lights and add wallpaper or hand paint each room to match whatever design we choose for the overal project. I started looking online to see what my options were and WOW I am blown away by the world of miniatures! The market is so vast I can barely keep my eyes focused. There is everything out there from running water appliances to handmade pianos that cost almost as much as a house! I think I will keep it more simple, perhaps do a Victorian house as they seem to be everywhere here, or a Federal style one. Who knows, maybe my Dad will have time to help me build one. So just a fun project that I can perhaps reach into my inner child and have fun wtih it. I am so out of my element, but will see how I do.

Check out this site that shows a bathroom out of real gold and marble and handpainting. Can you even play with that? I wonder if these people live in a hell hole because that doll castle cost more than they make in a year? Just a thought :) Here is

  • their site
  • to check out the whole castle. Impressive! My Mom has this book I would read when I was like 10. It was called Within the Fairy Castle. It is a real dollhouse that some famous movie star had built and used all her connections in the Hollywood production world as well as her own diamonds to furnish the project. I never looked into the book until now. I Googled
  • the LINK
  • and they have the castle in Chicago at a museum to see. Perhaps one day I will visit to see what was so magical in that book I read over 20 years ago. I am off to purchase the book for myself as my Mother doesn't know where her copy is. This stuff is starting to overwhelm me! I need to have a break as it make my head spin haha!